Tax and Legal Advisory Services

Our qualified and experienced team of Tax Accountants produce tailored tax planning solutions whether your needs are business or personal. Our services include advising on Income tax, VAT, NBT, Stamp Duty, ESC and other tax laws of Sri Lanka also on the provisions of various double taxation treaties. We guide the client in tax law compliances and tax planning on personal to corporate tax matters.

Our highly qualified, experiences and committed team of tax professionals take the total responsibility of managing the tax matters of corporates, unincorporated bodies and of individuals. If you are our client, you are free from stress since take the total responsibility of advising on accurate amount of tax and timing of the payment and also on other compliances such as filing of tax returns. We appear for and on behalf of the clients on all interviews and hearings of the Inland Revenue and the Tax Appeals Commission. We assist and give technical inputs to clients when matters come before a Court of law.

Our team undertake thorough research studies and identify tax efficient investment opportunities in order to advise clients.

Assurance Services

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a multi national group. ACO has the expertise to deliver a first class audit including internal audit assignments. While undertaking a robust and technically advanced audit, ACO will take the time to get a deep understanding of your business, looking and and reporting way beyond the numbers to see the reliability of financial statements so that reports can be used for numerous purposes. Our bespoke accounting and reporting services suit the most discerning national and international clients.

The specialised audit team of ACO has a depth and breadth of accounting, assurance and financial reporting expertise to offer competitive services. It is one of our values to get the facts and provide insights. We do use the audit procedures as a platform for real business advice, helping you to grow and develop your business. Internal audit assignments are a great value addition to your business. Our internal audit services is in line with national and international internal audit standards.

Corporate Advisory Services

Our team of experts work with you to understand today's business challenges. We leverage our competencies to develop practical recommendations designed to help you work smarter, grow faster and to be sustainable. Our track records show that how we satisfied our clients with our carefully considered business guidance, mentoring and coaching.

We provide total accounting and financial solutions with the cooperation of our affiliated service providers. We developed, tested and adopted range of offline and online accounting systems for small and large corporations. Our credibility and reputation for this kind of services is at the top level with assured ethics and standards, confidentiality and the integrity. We have partnered and affiliated with exclusive service providers to enhance our service scope and the reliability.

Our Corporate Advisory Services provide services for current and future business prospects of a client and provide services based on specialised knowledge, best practices, and technology to serve internal and external challenges with experienced team of professionals and by affiliations with management consulting firms. This service is used by all types of businesses and would involve examining the legal, tax, finance, marketing and risk factors involved in the start up of a business and making changes to an existing business model.

Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (BPO and KPO) Solutions

We undertake assignments on outsourcing of non core business functions including accounting, client payroll management, data solutions, recruitments secretariat services etc. with the partnership of affiliated firms as one stop Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing in Sri Lanka.

Insolvency Services

Solvency services of ACO's objective is to restore people and corporates who are insolvent to solvent in a fair, transparent and equitable way. We advise our clients when they are unable to collect a debtor, or unable to settle a creditor or when the state of having liabilities that exceed the assets. ACO provide range of solvency services and solutions in Sri Lanka at the transaction level to ensure achieving expected results and to avoid unnecessary post-transaction legal and other issues including exchange control/tax compliance issues.

Capital Restructuring Services

Our credibility and the reputation in Sri Lanka has established the trust among clients for capital restructuring services with assured ethics, confidentiality and standards. This include reorganising the legal aspects, ownership, operational and other structures of a company for ensuring profits, growth and the sustainability. We focus altering capital structurqe of a firm in response the change in the business environment or as a means to fund the firm's growth plan.